Design Your Own

Earn Extra Income as a Designer!

Has God given you a talent for design? Why not use it for His glory by designing trendy Bible-inspired T-shirts and earn some extra income in the process?

OPTION 1 – Start your own T-shirt business with only S$410 and zero monthly rental!

  1. Design your own Bible-inspired T-shirts and we will help you print them and deliver to your place.
  2. As a ballpark cost guide, a cotton round neck T-shirt with 2-colour print in the front will cost you around S$8.20 nett per pc (for 50 pcs).
  3. Total upfront cost is around S$410 (S$8.20 x 50)
  4. Your shirts will be stored at your place and sold via our website.
  5. Everytime our customers buy your design, you will receive 90% of the sale (eg for a $12 tee, you will receive $10.80)
  6. You then deliver the shirts to the customers.
  7. The more designs you sell through our website, the more you earn!

OPTION 2 – Be our freelance designer and earn a fee per project!

  1. Let us know your interest to be a freelance designer by emailing us some of your previous artwork to
  2. If you are accepted as one of our freelance designers, we will include you in our shortlist and contact you for projects.
  3. When churches approach us to customize a design for their ministry or event, we will contact you and ask you to propose some designs within a certain time period (eg. 3 days). You have the right to reject us if your schedule doesn’t suit our timeline.
  4. If the church selects one of your designs, you will receive a project fee of around S$50 to S$100. The final fee depends on complexity of the project.
  5. If that particular church doesn’t select any of your designs, you will of course not receive a fee, but we may upload them on our website so that other churches can have a chance of picking them for their ministry or event.
  6. If at any time an organization looks at our website and selects your design for production, you will receive a project fee of a similar amount.
  7. The fee is paid per design, which means you will be paid more if more than one of your designs are selected (eg. S$50 for 1 design chosen, $100 for 2 designs and so on)

So what are you waiting for? Instead of simply doodling in your notebook, why not contribute your designs to us and enjoy the chance of earning some extra income?